We Saw the Light

A friend of mine, who has two children of her own but always thought she would have three, recently confided that she was happy to stop at two. Her two kids were finally starting to be more self sufficient and it made her realize how appealing it was to be finished with the baby stage.
I can see her point. My youngest is now 3 years old, she communicates fairly well, she has no problems walking and running, eats regular food, and she even entertains herself at times.
My oldest is five and he is in kindergarten this year. Kindergarten! He can be pretty self sufficient (although frankly, he chooses not to be self sufficient fairly often). And while he prefers to hang out with us instead of playing alone, he is still becoming his own person and doesn’t need as much from me as he used to.

I can see why my friend is happy to stop with two. It’s reasonable. It’s nice to sleep through the night. To have children who can feed themselves. Children who take themselves to the bathroom.

But despite all those logical reasons for stopping at two children, my husband and I saw the light at the end of the tunnel and thought, “Why stop now when it’s getting easier? Time for one more!”

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